Why “Gecko Art”?

The lifestyle of a harmless gecko (anole) is explained

I am doing a “gecko art” series of photos.┬áTechnically, these little lizards are called “anoles.” There are the smoother skinned ones called Florida anoles, and the larger, darker, rougher-skinned ones called “brown anoles.” When we were kids, we called them “chameleons.”

There are always a lot of geckos or anoles or chameleons scampering around my front porch and garden. I’ve been taking pictures of these fast-moving creatures for about a year now. They don’t seem to dart away from me the way they used to. I think they are getting accustomed to my looming over them with my camera.

I love these anoles. They eat mosquitoes and spiders. If they have an accident and lose part of their tail, it grows back. They never bite humans or squirt out anything if you pick one up. But it’s hard to pick one up because they’re so agile, so quick. They’re the acrobats of the lizard kingdom.

crimson lizard.jpg

Author: Mish (Eileen) Murphy

Hi. I am a writer, visual artist, and professor. I write and publish poetry and book reviews. I take photos and create photo art. I teach literature and English at Polk State College, Lakeland, Florida.

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