Phoebe and Ito are dogs: a Book for All Ages

Phoebe & Ito COVER-artistic

Recently, I did 60 + illustrations for the kids’ picture book Phoebe and Ito are dogs by nationally-known writer John Yamrus.

The time I spent (mainly in 2018) creating these illustrations was such fun–because I love dogs, and I love drawing and painting dogs. As I was doing the illustrations, I communicated pretty often with John Yamrus and found him superb at collaborating. He had input into every picture in this book; my illustrations benefited from that input.

John Yamrus portrait

Before and during the time when I was working on Phoebe and Ito are dogs, I did a lot of sketches of various dogs, some of which evolved into the final illustrations for the book. I would scan the sketch into the computer; I’d then paint it, using Photoshop.

Phoebe and Ito are dogs is a story about two cocker spaniels, sister and brother. They are just normal dogs who enjoy chasing rabbits, watching squirrels, and searching for sticks; however, Phoebe thinks she’s a princess, never a dog. It’s a story about embracing your own nature and living up to your full potential.


The picture book Phoebe and Ito are dogs by John Yamrus / illustrated by Mish makes a great gift for a dog lover, a kid, and yourself.

To check out or purchase Phoebe and Ito are dogs for only $10, follow this link:

Cultural Weekly did a three-part feature on Phoebe and Ito are dogs:

Author: Mish (Eileen) Murphy

Hi. I am a writer, visual artist, and professor. I write and publish poetry and book reviews. I take photos and create photo art. I teach literature and English at Polk State College, Lakeland, Florida.

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