Update: Geckos & Hurricane

I’m preparing for a gallery show in Tampa. It’s not easy picking which three “gecko art” prints to include.

The last couple of days, I’ve been actively preparing artwork for the upcoming show that will include my photo art. I have to drop off three framed photos at the gallery in Tampa the morning of Friday, September 22.

I have bought the frames and have begun the not-at-all-simple job of picking which three images to include in the show. ¬†The gallery curator/artist involved in the art show, Tim Gibbons of Funky as a Monkey Art Studio in Tampa, wants my “gecko art.”

I bet I have fifty or more good gecko photos. There are prints everywhere on flat surfaces in the house, drying. How will I to pick only three to frame for the gallery showing?

Meanwhile, a hurricane seems to be heading straight towards Florida, and I’m not ready for that. However, during Hurricane Charley, I took some awesome photos….There’s always a silver lining….!?!

Author: Mish (Eileen) Murphy

Hi. I am a writer, visual artist, and professor. I write and publish poetry and book reviews. I take photos and create photo art. I teach literature and English at Polk State College, Lakeland, Florida.

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