My Photos

My photography has been published in literary journals such as Peacock JournalTiferet Journal, The Indian River Review, and Calyx Journal, and shown in galleries in Florida and New Mexico. My artistic philosophy is simple: to find the beauty, for example, in a quick green lizard with a long thin tail.

One of my projects during this last year has been to photograph “geckos,” more properly called anoles. These gentle miniature lizards seem to be ubiquitous in Florida. They are harmless and eat mosquitoes and spiders. Photos from my colorful gecko series are my most popular art pieces.

I also shot a series of photos of Florida flowers. And I am likewise attracted to animal photography, mainly dogs, cats, and birds. I create both realistic and abstract art; however, most of my art is somewhere in between.

Some of my flower and nature photos were published in the Peacock Journal, and you can see them, along with some of my poems, at this link:

I’m also drawn to photographing human beings of all ages and walks of life in their daily activities. I have a reputation for making people look good in the picture.

Interested in art prints? 

I have teamed up with Tim Gibbons of Funky as a Monkey Art Studio and School in Tampa to show my art photos and sell prints of my photos.

Prints of my photo art will be for sale beginning September 23, 2017. Some of the prints from my “gecko” series will be shown and sold at PHOENIX at Hidden Springs ART SPLASH GALLERY, 1631 N. Franklin Street, Tampa Heights, Florida, from September 22-through November 17, 2017.

“Geckos” or “chameleons,” as we Florida natives call them, live everywhere there is foliage in Florida.  Their true name is the “Florida anole” or “brown anole”; there are two different varieties.

If you like pictures of wildlife, plants, animals, or people (they’re not wildlife, I know, but they’re life, and they can be wild), I may have something of interest to you. Besides gecko art, I have a series of tropical flowers, including some breathtaking pictures of bird of paradise flowers; also abstract and realistic photo art based on flowers, birds, dogs, and other aspects of nature in Florida and Colorado.

My non-limited edition prints (unframed) will sell for $30 each plus $3.00 postage and 7% Florida sales tax, if applicable.

I also sell limited edition prints (including “gecko art”) of a very select group of photo art prints that won’t be available through the gallery.

The actual image size of my photos is 7″ or 8″ height or width, as the case may be, depending on orientation, printed on 8 1/2 by 11″ photo paper. They look best matted and framed in a 13 by 16″ frame; also 12 by 15″ or even 9 by 11″.

I am open to exploring custom-size prints, since I will consider special orders. Also, as a special order, I can sell a print framed to order instead of unframed.

 I accept PayPal for purchase. If you’re interesed in purchasing a print,  please contact me at

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