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Note: I use the name MISH for my art activities.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print,  please contact me at I accept PayPal for art purchases.

Mixed media art published: 

  • “Bathroom Woman,” Calyx, 1997.



  • “My Vegetable Love,” Indian River Review, 2015.
My Vegetable Love
My Vegetable Love



  • Murphy Peacock Journal Photo 3 (Hearts)


  • “Lilies of the field,” Tiferet Journal, 2017. 
  • EMurphy-Lilies of the field #3
    Amaryllis of the Field



  • “Gardenias in a Green Bowl,” “Loquats in a Jar,” “Green Vine in Purple Vase,” “Picture of Grandma with Amaryllis,” “Tithonia: Mexican Sunflowers,” “Bougainvillea Riot,” “White Bird of Paradise,” “Orchids at the Window.” Peacock Journal, 2019.


  • “Skull Cat,” Creative Fire: Embers and Ashes (anthology), Life Enrichment Center for the Arts, 2019 (hard copy only).



  • In Thirteen Myna Birds 2017:

“Magic Hands”

  • In Thirteen Myna Birds 2018:

“America #5 (Bullfight)” “My Friend the Gargoyle,” “Yorick in Purple,” “Cookie Sees a Ghost,” “Queen Gertrude,” “The Myna Girl as Queen of Hearts,” “Keys #3,” “Bats,” “The Old Trough Where Cows Used to Drink,” “Pain Woman #2,” “Tiara (Remix),” “No,” “Blood Work,” “Deborah,” “Deborah #2,” “The Quick Black Dog”

  • In Thirteen Myna Birds 2019:  

“Eileen & Deborah,” “Enchanted Forest,” “Orchid Funeral,” “Queen of the Clowns,” “Hibiscus #11,” “Life-size Doll,” “Mother-in-law’s Tongue,” “Evil Me,” “Evil Me #2,” “Anxiety Attack,” “Witch,” “Hair raising story,” “Black hole sunflower,” “Half-woman, half-flower hybrid,” “Yawning dog,” “Monster Magnolia,” and “Electric dog.”

hibiscus #11

Books I’ve illustrated:

Art shows I’ve participated in:

  • Group show: “Capturing Cultures.” Polk State College, Lakeland, FL, 2016.


  • Group show: “Everything Round: A Celebration of Earth Day,” Jemez Gallery, Jemez Springs, NM (Albuquerque), 2017.


  • Group show: Hidden Springs ART SPLASH GALLERY, Tampa, FL, 2017.


  • Group show: Bamboozle Cafe, Tampa, FL, 2017.


  • Group show: PAW (Pinellas Ale Works) “PUP PORTRAIT PAINTING CONTEST,” St. Petersburg, FL, 2018.


  • Solo show: PAW Dec. 2018-Jan 2019.


  • Group show: “Baha’i Celebration of Oneness,” Lakeland, FL, 2018.


  • Group show: Fine Arts Division, Florida State Fair, Tampa, FL, 2019.


  • Solo show: Mitchell’s Coffee House, Lakeland, FL, 2019.
  • mitchells Flyer-pups on parade


  • Group show: Blick’s Art Materials, Tampa, FL, 2019.


  • Group show: “Everything Citrus,” Florida Wildflower Studios, Frostproof, FL, 2019-ongoing.
  • oranges


  • Group show: Florida State Fair, Jan.-Feb. 2020 (forthcoming).


  • Solo show: PAW, March-April 2020 (forthcoming).


  • Solo show: Michell’s Coffee House, Sept. 2020 (forthcoming).


Art Activities:

  • Book launches I created for Phoebe and Ito are dogs:
    • Tampa, FL, @Life Enrichment Center for the Arts (Nov. 2019)
    • Lakeland, FL @ Mitchell’s Coffee House (Dec. 2019).
    • Frostproof, FL @Florida Wildflowers Studio (Dec. 2019)


  • A & B Restaurant, Lakeland, FL: new management is installing nine pictures 24 x 36” mixed media art by Mish to decorate the dining area, depicting flowers found in Florida (2019-ongoing).


  • iris pink new




  • Book cover design/art: RMA by John Yamrus [complete cover, inside cover art, title page, chapter headings] Epic Rites Press, 2019.


  • Book cover design/art: Phoebe and Ito are dogs by John Yamrus/illustrated by Mish [complete cover and front pages, including title page] Epic Rites Press, 2019.


  • Partial book cover/front pages: Memory Lane by John Yamrus, Epic Rites Press, 2018.


  • Partial book cover:  Welcome to Canada, Bitch! by Wolfgang Carstens, Epic Rites Press, 2018.


  • Partial book cover: Wildfires of the Heart by Mike Meraz, Epic Rites Press, 2018.


  • Art for “John Yamrus” and “Gordon Downey” tee-shirts: Epic Rites Press, 2018.
  • GD--Red


Art Awards:

  •  “Dog Quixote,” Second Place ribbon, PAW (Pinellas Ale Works) “PUP PORTRAIT PAINTING CONTEST,” 2018

Dog Quixote cultural weekly

  • “Dog Quixote,” Honorable Mention, Florida State Fair, 2019


  • “Skye and Luckie,” Third Place ribbon, Florida State Fair, 2019 [with cash award]
  • skye


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