My Writing

I am both a poet and a non-fiction article writer.

I also write book reviews, which are discussed on a separate page–see Menu.

I’ve published over 60 poems in literary journals in the U.S., U. K., and Canada. I’ve been published recently in Rogue Agent, Thirteen Myna Birds, Tinderbox Journal, The American Journal of PoetryWriting In A Woman’s Voice, Yes Poetry, The Open Mouse, Pittsburgh Poetry Houses, and other journals.

My  poem “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was recently published by the literary magazine Rogue Agent. Here is a link to that poem:


My poem “After My Baby Brother Kills Himself, I Try on Flowered Muumuus” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Tinderbox Journal (2016). See

My poetry was anthologized in the book Poets Against the War, Ed. Sam Hamill (2003), for the poem “After Me, Annihilation.”

Here is a poem of mine “Rabbit,” published by Writing In A Woman’s Voice:

Another poem of mine, “Myna Girl,” is found on the masthead of the Web literary journal Thirteen Myna Birds.


The webzine The Open Mouse published two of my poems recently, “The Rain Has Lost Its Mind” and “the tattooed man,” which you can read through this link:

Some poems of mine along with my flower and nature photos were published in the Peacock Journal, and you can see them at this link:


I’m also a staff writer for Los Angeles-based Cultural Weekly magazine. This is a recent gig–I’ve written and published two articles so far, one about classical music in Polk County: (,

and another one about experiencing Hurricane Irma:

I have guest-blogged for Trish, a website designed to help writers. You can read (and laugh) about it here:

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