Poetry, Reviews, & More

I am both a poet and a non-fiction writer.

Here is a list of my publications as of today (Jan. 19, 2020):


  1. Poetry/Fiction

Individual poems I’ve had published:

  • “Spiders,” “A Dream,” and “The Gestural Shape of a Woman.” Emergence III, 1996.


  • “Fat Woman.” Louisville Review, 1997. Reprinted, revised, as “Refrigerator” in Thirteen Myna Birds, 2018.


  • “Reformed Smoker.” The Kerf. 1998.



  • “Serial Dreamer (Yes, All in One Night).” Black Dirt. 1999.



  • “Lady Lawyer’s Blues” and “Robot Woman, Robot Man.” Neovictorian/Cochlea, 2000.


  • “My Past Sat Down Beside Me.” Lonzie’s Fried Chicken. Fall 2000.



  • “Global Warming.” Mudfish 13. 2003. [On short list for Mudfish Poetry Prize.]



  • “Space Aliens.” Sunspinner. 2004.



  • “The Nephews in Front of Bright Curtains.” Driftwood. 2005.


  • “In Heat.” Clare. 2010.


  • “Tarantino Fever.” Two Hawks Quarterly. 2010.




  • “TORTOISE & HARE” and “voice lessons.” Helen: A Literary Magazine. 2015.


  • “high diver” and “the deer hunter.” Sandhill Review, 2016.






  • “Encounter #4.” Quarterday Review (Great Britain), 2016.









  • “the queen of hearts,” “Ache-Stapler-Minnow,” “Inflatable Doll.,” “My Head Lives,” “Mother’s Pregnancy Dream,” “Bad Girl,” “Pancakes,” “Immaculate Conception.,” “Duct Tape Dad,” “Electricity.” Thirteen Myna Birds. 2017.


  • “Myna Girl.” Thirteen Myna Birds, 2017. [Note: this poem has become a feature on the masthead of the ‘zine Thirteen Myna Birds. See: http://13myna.blogspot.com/]











  • “Mother’s Cross of Despair.” Cede Poetry Magazine (Canada), 2017. [ceased publication; no archives]





  • “The Myna Girl as Queen of Hearts.” “Note to My Upstairs Neighbor—That I Wish I’d Given Her,” “My lips are blond,” and “Wedding Night.” Thirteen Myna Birds, 2018.




Watch Out-new






  • “The Oystershucker” and “The Necklace: A Shark Has Magic Teeth,” Sandhill Review, 2019.








  • Thirteen Myna Birds, 2019:  “happy birthday dream,” “2018 Day of the Dead Report to my friend Suzi (1953-1997),” “Menstruation blues,” “Going,” “What I Remember,” “First Husband,” “The Tampa Incident,” “Waking Up in April.”

Poetry books published:

Fortune Written in Wet Grass, Wapshott Press (forthcoming in 2020)

Poetry Events and Readings

  • Polk State College Creative Writing Club: 2014-ongoing.
  • Platform Art, Winter Haven, FL, 2016.
  • Baha’i Celebration of Oneness, 2018 and 2019.
  • 10,000 Poets for Change, Gainesville, FL, 2018.

  1. Non-Fiction

Book reviews published:
























Articles I’ve written that were published:









Interviews I’ve conducted:





  • “Interview of Poet Ellaraine Lockie,” Cultural Weekly, 2020 (forthcoming in  Feb.).


Articles about me/Interviews of me








  • Staff writer for Cultural Weekly magazine (Aug. 2017-ongoing).




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