Good news!-My poem to be published!

I’m so excited! I found out today my poem “Immaculate Conception” is going to be published by the web-based literary magazine Thirteen Myna Birds. A big round of applause is due Editor Juliet Cook, who has published my work before, which must mean she sees something she likes from time to time. I’m proud to be part of the Myna Bird flock again.

Where the name “Mish” comes from

Mish is my email screenname ( Mish is also the name of my favorite dog who passed away of old age.

Mish is the name of my favorite dog who passed away of old age in 2009–not that I don’t love my current canine companions York, Savane, and Cookie.

I got Mish at the Chicago Humane Society in 1998. They said Mish had recently given birth, but didn’t have any puppies with her when she was found in an alley in Chicago, a stray.

She was a cross between a German Shepherd and a husky. She weighed about 55 pounds. Her fur was mostly white, with black and tan on her back. Her eyes looked like she used black eyeliner and mascara.

At the Chicago Humane Society, an Australian sheep dog with a blue tongue attracted me. I took him out for a walk. Then I looked at a few more dogs, soon returning for the Australian dog with adoption in mind. But he was gone, adopted by someone else from under my nose. I shed tears and pleaded with shelter volunteers, but I didn’t get that Australian sheep dog.

So I adopted Mish as my second choice. The Humane Society’s policy was to spay or neuter adopted pets before finalizing an adoption. So I picked Mish up at the Human Society after her surgery two days later when the dog was still woozy. She needed me to help her find a place to lie down. And I had to coax her to eat. She was friendly, but subdued.

Almost immediately, I forgot the other dog and fell in love with Mish.





Hurricane’s Coming

I saw this brown lizard in the front garden today when I was carrying groceries into the house, getting ready for Hurricane Irma to strike where I live in Central Florida.

Today is Friday. The hurricane is expected tomorrow night.

We cleared all the potted plants off the front porch. Our living room looks like the Botanical Gardens.  Our backyard shed and utility room are stuffed. But we’ve cleared all loose items from the yard.

We have friends who live in a manufactured home, a couple and a roommate. And their two dogs. cat, and six kittens. We call to invite them to stay with us and our three dogs.

And we wait.





Why “Gecko Art”?

The lifestyle of a harmless gecko (anole) is explained

I am doing a “gecko art” series of photos. Technically, these little lizards are called “anoles.” There are the smoother skinned ones called Florida anoles, and the larger, darker, rougher-skinned ones called “brown anoles.” When we were kids, we called them “chameleons.”

There are always a lot of geckos or anoles or chameleons scampering around my front porch and garden. I’ve been taking pictures of these fast-moving creatures for about a year now. They don’t seem to dart away from me the way they used to. I think they are getting accustomed to my looming over them with my camera.

I love these anoles. They eat mosquitoes and spiders. If they have an accident and lose part of their tail, it grows back. They never bite humans or squirt out anything if you pick one up. But it’s hard to pick one up because they’re so agile, so quick. They’re the acrobats of the lizard kingdom.

crimson lizard.jpg

Update: Geckos & Hurricane

I’m preparing for a gallery show in Tampa. It’s not easy picking which three “gecko art” prints to include.

The last couple of days, I’ve been actively preparing artwork for the upcoming show that will include my photo art. I have to drop off three framed photos at the gallery in Tampa the morning of Friday, September 22.

I have bought the frames and have begun the not-at-all-simple job of picking which three images to include in the show.  The gallery curator/artist involved in the art show, Tim Gibbons of Funky as a Monkey Art Studio in Tampa, wants my “gecko art.”

I bet I have fifty or more good gecko photos. There are prints everywhere on flat surfaces in the house, drying. How will I to pick only three to frame for the gallery showing?

Meanwhile, a hurricane seems to be heading straight towards Florida, and I’m not ready for that. However, during Hurricane Charley, I took some awesome photos….There’s always a silver lining….!?!

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to my website! I’ve wanted to build for a long time.

  • I’m excited to finally be able to build this website of my own. Right now, in addition to the fact that I’m a full-time college professor and dedicated poet, I’m getting ready to participate in more art shows and sell photo art.
  • I’m going to be part of a gallery show in Tampa September-November 2017. People who attend the show might want to buy something of mine they see there.
  • A lot of people might want to dialogue with me about “gecko art.” If you like geckos like I do, feel free to leave a comment. (I know they’re really anoles. I can’t get my tongue around “anole.” It sounds too much like “annull.”)
  • The gallery will put people in touch with me through my email or through this website,
  • To learn more about Mish’s photography, the current gallery show, and/or how to buy photo art by Mish, click on Menu; then click on the Tab that’s marked “My Photos.”
  • To learn about Eileen Murphy’s poetry, click on click on Menu; then click on the Tab that’s marked “My Writing.”
  • To learn about Eileen Murphy’s book reviews, click on click on Menu; then click on the Tab that’s marked “My Book Reviews.”
  • To learn about Mish’s other credentials, click on Menu; then click on the Tab that’s marked “My Teaching.”

Welcome to my website! It’s to make it easier for people to contact me. I’m a writer and a visual artist. I think people still want to know they are dealing with a person behind the website. I aim to give people that assurance. I want to treat everyone with respect. Some of my best friendships have been made or solidified over the internet. Look for my blogs periodically to be updated on my latest poems, articles, reviews, and photos. To my writing friends, write on! And to my photography friends, print on!

This is the post excerpt.